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The transcripts. . . .

Ralphie: Don’t open the door!

Julie: There is a giant spider in here, giant!
Like the size of a hand.

Ralphie: Someone’s going to kill it, and it’s going to be me.

Julie: I think you need a broom.

Kip: You’re a brave soul Ralphie – can I have the rest of your trip money?

Ralphie (annoyed): I don’t need a broom, mom, I’ll just grab it with my bare fist and punch it.

Ralphie : We’re going to need to scare it out of the corner.

Ralphie throws shoe – lots of nervous laughter.

Julie: It’s not nice to kill it.

Ralphie:It’s bleeping BIG!

Julie: Open the door so it can go outside.

Kip: It’s the size of a small child. Shane's Camera 140

Kelly: I think it’s . . .

Kip: No, Kelly do not come in here, you will bleeping scream.

Kelly: I’m not going to, but I think it’s okay to kill it.

Julie: Okay, let’s see, hmm . . . oh just a little spider.

Kip: Mom, that is not little; that thing was born to kill.

Ralphie: Let’s spray it with poison. . . .

Ralphie: Got any poison?