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Day 11: We finally find some family peace thai 002by playing cards (Kip’s suggestion) at one of the many random places we have had to wait for some form of transportation to take us to our next location – in this case a long boat to Railay Beach. Playing cards pacified everyone, but leaving the leech invested jungle and arriving at the pool villa perked Kelly and me up. Tony is okay with it as well.thai 048

Actually, I loved the little rainforest village of Khao Sok, leeches and all. I especially enjoyed our stay at Francisco and Nee’s guesthouse, and our Indiana Jones/Indy 500 style car ride to the nearest ATM (45 miles away) with Francisco because he’s not set up for credit cards (I thought about setting up a Pay Pal account for him because we had driven with him before).

The first two ATMs (in two different towns) we stopped at were not working. We were in the car with a couple of guys from Britain who screamed like girls every time we almost had a head-on collision. Not wanting to sound like a mom (I’ve been getting a lot of flack for that lately), I opted not to tell them to buckle up, instead I just modeled it for them and eventually (after the second or third near miss) they figured it out.

Note: The woman with the sling did get us to Krabi  (Railay Beach); not exactly how she said she would, but close enough.