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This is what happens when you set two boys free in Thailand after being held captive by their worrywart parents.

In ten days, the two of them will be traveling around Southeast Asia without us for an additional four weeks; we are hoping Ralphie does not end up stumbling down a dark alley in Malaysia searching for a full-body wax.

In an effort to survive our family vacation we are  living by a couple of unspoken rules:

1. If you can’t say anything nice, pretend that you cannot hear what is being said (or in Kelly’s case become engrossed in a Sudoku).

And . . .

2. Live and let live aka let dad read Pillars of the Earth all day, don’t judge mom because she’s writing her “stupid blog,” so what if Kelly likes air conditioning – this doesn’t make her any less of a person than Kip (bâa bâa má-gan to the locals who also enjoy air conditioning) just because he feels compelled to run ten miles in unbearable humidity everyday, and as for Ralphie’s eyebrow sculpting, nobody ever got arrested for an SUI (shaving under the influence).

So we’re all working it out one cliché at a time.