thai 095

I took this picture at a Buddhist temple. Buddha turned out okay, which proves that a little tough love and a lot of cellulite go a long way!

Today, the boys are white water rafting so I’m getting a little Mom time. Last night, after a couple of glasses of wine, I came up with this brilliant plan for the day. I would wait for the boys to leave this morning, hop in a cab, go to Jungle Bungee, and jump 16 stories off a tiny platform in my bathing suit. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Fortunately, even under the influence of two glasses of Chardonnay, my frontal lobe kicked in: recent knee surgery, pesky broken toe, bathing suit . . . veto that idea.

Instead, I plan to enjoy this beautiful sanctuary in the middle of the city. Tamarind Village reminds me of a monastery (believe or not the boys love it); we loved it so much, ten minutes after we arrived, I went back to the front desk and asked if we could stay an additional three nights. I’m also going to take a long walk around the city which will be pushing the limits of my thrill seeking capacity (don’t worry mom, I’ll be safe). Then I’ll nap.