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The chances of dying . . .

Rock climbing: 1 in 320,000
Scuba Diving: 1 in 200,000
Bungee Jumping: 1 in 500,000
White Water River Rafting: 1 in 200,000

Tony went on the rafting trip. He was surprised by all of the rapids (it was a class IV-V river and there was a rescue team driving along a road next to them just in case one of them popped out into the raging water and got his head stuck under a rock as his life jacket pinned his barely conscious body underwater – did you know that when one is in a rapid “often the water is highly aerated, thus diminishing the floatation of a life jacket”).

Honey, what did you think the words “white water” and “perfect for adrenaline starved thrill-seekers” meant?

Tomorrow we are taking an all day cooking class at an Organic farm outside of Chiang Mai.

The chances of dying from choking on food:
1 in 370,000.

Bungee jumping is looking pretty good.

The boys find these stats very annoying – it causes them to make that exasperated “Mom!” groan. It’s the same response they have when one (jokingly) threatens to volunteer at the high school dance or when one reads their yearbook (okay, I read the yearbook, but I wanted to see the really cute Toy Story Woody ad we purchased: “You’re taking me to college with you, right buddy.” Now that I think of it, they’re pretty tolerant kids).

Note: Photo taken by rescue team.