thai 050

We survived the cooking class! Although I think I annoyed the boys (imagine that) when I brought up the choking statistic with the other cooking participants riding in the back of the pickup truck with us out to the farm. Kip and Ralphie are lucky riding in the back of pickup trucks has been outlawed in America since before they were born, otherwise, I would know those stats as well.

Oddly enough, after we left the highway my very own brain was wishing the truck was back out on the open road because it was so hot and stuffy  when we were going slow. I guess I either adapt easily to change or have a very low tolerance for discomfort. In a way it makes one realize how incredibly restricted (un-free)  we are in America, yet I genuinely doubt the proponents of less regulation in America would want to drive on a Thai road. My boys of course think it is the coolest thing ever.