The “cheeseburger” bird is “cheeseburgering” on this “glorious Tahoe morning.” Those are the two things one can count on in July in Tahoe; hearing the the cheesebuger bird sing, “cheeseburger . . . .cheeseburger . . . . cheeseburger . . . .” and blue skies. In June, one can count on snow . . . snow and the cheeseburger bird are why we are looking for a place to rent in San Francisco for the upcoming year.

For anyone left reading this who isn’t a Facebook friend (I’m thinking about unfriending myself on Facebook. I keep breaking that unwritten rule of saying how I really feel about things. For instance, I find the cheeseburger bird and the perfect July weather in Tahoe really annoying, I like Obama, and I’m really impressed that my son’s hospital bill in Bali – more on that in a moment – was only $125.00 including blood tests and antibiotics when we had to pay $650.00 for a ten minute visit to diagnose strep throat at an ER in New Mexico ten years ago . . . .and those are things that one just can’t say on Facebook without making people mad at one). . . . an update on the boys: Kip and Ralphie are in Bali. They were caught up in a riot in Malaysia and tear gassed. Before I had a chance to calculate the chances of dying from tear gas, we had a call from a Kip at 6:00 a.m. because he was in the hospital. I won’t go into the gory details because Kip would kill me, suffice it to say he was scared enough to go to the hospital which is pretty scary for someone like Kip who isn’t afraid of anything.

Just a side note here: worrywart parents breed daredevil children, daredevil parents breed worrywart children. Nature’s way of having fun with us.

After a worrisome 24 hours and several tests it was determined that Kip had an infection (probably from the water) and it is already clearing up with antibiotics.