food 001

The difference between someone who has never dieted in his life and . . .
the rest of us:

– When I asked him how much he weighed this morning, he said, “The book said to only weigh yourself once a week, so I didn’t weigh myself this morning.”
– So far today, I have weighed myself four times (no change).

– He started Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution book on page 1.
– I started with Chapter 11, on page 120: “And Away You Go: The Induction Phase. Let me welcome those of you who are starting this book at this point. While I admire your sense of efficiency, I think you are cheating yourself of the information that will provide long-term success. Only by reading the first 10 chapters will you have a full understanding of why . . . etc. etc. etc.” I skipped that paragraph.

– He said, “Maybe we should stick the whole two weeks out and not have any wine even when we move into the new place on Wednesday?”
– I thought, “How am I going to survive watching The Bachelorette tonight without a glass of chardonnay?”

– He sat down to lunch this afternoon and said, “I’m not even hungry.”
– I thought, “I wonder what that feels like.”

The next day:
I said, “I lost two more pounds!
He said, “So did I!”
I said, “I thought you were only going to weigh yourself once a week?”
He said, “I think once every two days is better.”
I smile and nod and wonder how many times he will weigh himself tomorrow?