more food 005

Tonight is Monday night. Every Monday night we watch The Bachelorette – it’s a guilty pleasure ( I KNOW we are not the only ones watching it). The only thing Ashley and her entourage do more than say “awesome and amazing,” is drink champagne and chardonnay. So drinking white wine while watching The Bachelorette has become part of the guilty pleasure. This may seem like an odd thing to struggle with, but imagine going to the cinema and watching a movie without popcorn and Raisinettes  . . .  and Junior Mints . . . and Sweet-Tarts.

This is the first time since we started our diet that I have craved anything (are you in awe of my ability to go 48 hours without caving in?). Tony has offered me snacks, but five olives and a cube of cheddar cheese does not sound satisfying right now; especially when I know five olives and a cube of cheddar cheese have 25 more calories and 0.1 more carbs than a glass of chardonnay.

My mother would tell me to watch something else (she would tell me to watch anything else! Or, perhaps, read up on Rupert Murdoch). However, I know what I need to do is change the ritual and break the habit. Instead of sipping on chardonnay while I watch Ben One and Ben Two swoon over Ashley’s ability to sit in a chair, I’m going to picture myself squeezing into the largest thing in the Ashley’s wardrobe (which I think might be the outfit Mary Ann was stranded in on Gilligan’s Island). Oh yeah, can’t shake that image;  that is definitely more than enough to rekindle my desire to stick to this diet and forego the white wine . . . . and maybe change the channel.

. . . . Now, that The Bachelorette is on, the wine is not an issue at all. What I really want is something hot, buttery, and doughy.

Tuesday morning: I ended up pretending a hard boiled egg dipped in a sliver of butter was a cinnamon roll topped with rich cream cheese frosting – luckily we were watching Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition(you know when that woman pulled up to the drive-thru window and the trainer popped his head out to let her know that she had been chosen to be on the show, don’t you think she was thinking, “Dang, I really wanted my burger and fries.”?)  while I was savouring every bite of my egg.

I lost two more pounds – seven  total so the mind games are working.