I just wrote the following letter to my congressman. It’s not the most articulate letter, but it is written from the heart. If you have children, I urge you to look at the links in my letter, and then use this super easy link to contact your congressperson!

Dear Congressman,

One month ago, a friend of mine lost his 19 year old son to a substance called Potpourri. This is a legal substance that kids are experimenting with (I think it may be called Spice in California – it has several names). My friend’s son drove 100 miles per hour into a house and landed on a toddler’s bed, fortunately, the toddler was not in his room.
Link to Today show segment on Potpourri:

Today, I learned about another over the counter product called “Bath Salts” that kids are using to get high. Unfortunately, the effect of the high is extreme paranoia which can last for several days and has resulted in users committing suicide (Potpourri has this same effect, and some parents initially think their child committed suicide before they discover the child smoked Potpourri).
Link to information on “Bath Salts”:

I have an 18 year old son, so I am naturally very worried about these “legal” drugs. Even the best and brightest kids tend to think if something is legal, it must be safe. These products are banned in many other countries! I am writing you to urge you to please make them illegal in the United States ASAP. As a parent I hope we can come together and prevent other parents from the heartbreak of burying a child because their teen made a single error in judgment.