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Unfortunately, there are some negative side effects of a low carb diet. Did you know the chances of dying from constipation are 1 in 500? Wouldn’t that just be great? People who know me well, know that I did not look that statistic up for the sake of including it in a blog; I really wanted to know and searched on “Can one die from being constipated.”

The good news is, I have lost NINE pounds in FIVE days (that is more than I have lost in five years)! Tony, on the other hand, gained back two, so he is back to his 5 pound loss.

I feel a little bad about this because I pressured Tony to weigh himself today. I feel guilty for sucking him unwillingly into the world of scale addiction. “C’mon try it, everybody does it.” Now, I will have to placate him with those little lies the rest of us tell ourselves when the needle moves up, “muscle weighs more than fat,” “losing pounds isn’t everything, it’s how you feel,”  . . . “maybe it’s hormonal?” (maybe it’s a benign tumor the size of three roasting chickens)

Sorry – nothing to photograph today.