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April 2005
Training for the marathon has become my respite from the dishes, the laundry, and the oozing hormones that are seeping out of every pore in our household. I decided to train after Kip was in a car accident. He swatted at a bee and a split second later drove through a telephone pole, taking out not only the pole, but most of the power in town. Rooms darkened, clocks stopped, and treadmills came to a halt as he called me on his cell phone and cried weakly, “I crashed, come get me.” The air bag saved his life.

When I saw the truck, I was amazed that he had survived unharmed. Standing on the street corner as the paramedics looked over my oldest child, I realized everything had changed the moment that bee flew into the car. It was the moment that all mothers dread; recognizing our own limits, realizing we are mere mortals who, try as we may, cannot protect our children from the dangers of the world. How on earth can I possibly keep my three children safe when something as small as a bee can land a telephone pole on their heads?

That’s when I decided to sign up for the Nike Woman’s Marathon; it became my way of making myself stronger, more powerful. I think somewhere deep inside I’m thinking I can regain control; that if I work hard enough I can become Superwoman and conquer the bee.

This is a photo of me as “Superwoman” after the marathon, unfortunately, I did not conquer the bee, but all three of our children have developed a love for running which is one of the things I hoped for when I was training for the marathon mostly because I wanted them to have a productive way to deal with their fears (Men in Bibs).