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Weight Loss – Day 10

Just when I was starting to think I could not take another minute of Tony’s, “What does ‘The Book” say about eating  _______ (fill in the blank)?” approach to dieting, he asked, “Is there a less strict version of this diet, something along the lines of a “Presbyterian” version versus say a “Catholic” version? Atkins feels like the Catholicism of dieting.”

Both of us are pretty miserable with our food options right now especially after spending four days eating only the protein off our plates in several amazing restaurants in our new neighborhood. On the upside, the homeless people in Sausalito were treated to garlic mashed potatoes, English muffins with hollandaise sauce, hash browns, toast, and anything else on our plates made with dough. “Are you going to eat that?” an older man riding a bike and carrying a keyboard asked. “Unfortunately no,” I grunted as I handed him my untouched scalloped potatoes.

We are discouraged, and the fact that all of the scales at the Marin Bed, Bath, and Beyond were seven pounds heavy doesn’t make eating eggs and lettuce any easier. Our misery is manifested in our choice of paint colors for the new place: Pasta in the kitchen area and Biscuit in the living room. We chose Pigeon for the bedroom which may be the only form of protein we haven’t tried yet.