eggs 001Weight loss – Day 11:

Hallelujah, the deviled egg we had as a snack yesterday, pushed Tony over the edge. He is no longer a believer. In his words, “Looking at week three of Atkins, we can only increase our carbs by five grams; so we can add a berry and a nut! It’s not natural.”

I have lost 10 pounds in 10 days, so I can’t complain, but if we stayed on Atkins another day, one would probably find us hiding in a dark corner on our bedroom floor cramming pie (with FRUIT!) down our throats.

I have at least one friend who is saying, “I told you so,” right now.

Kelly just lost 20 pounds on Jillian Michaels’ diet, and Kelly looks and feels great, so we are going to give that a try. I already own Jillian’s book (Tony now understands our shelf devoted to diet books ).

We made the decision to convert to Jillianism at the track. We were exhausted and completely depleted of energy which I think is the gist of Dr. Atkins’ theory: no carbs + no energy = the body must burn fat. Nonetheless, I could barely jog four laps ( a marathon is 105 laps!) and the thought of eating meat made me sick.

We managed two miles and then Tony said, “I think we should eat fruits and vegetables – what do you think?” He had a lot more to say including, “I think Jillian has a better body than Dr. Atkins,” and the decision was final.

We went out to dinner and exercised our non-Atkins influenced free will; I had a curry soup and an Indian spinach salad with slivers of apple (forbidden in Induction) and it was heavenly!