cottage 1 008

Plan B is not going too well.

Some problems:

1. We had Mexican food every day that we were in Sausalito (our new place is within walking distance of three great Mexican restaurants which we could not go near on Atkins so we tried all of them during this past visit). Our thought was we would eat lite during the day and then have a nice Mexican dinner in the evening. That didn’t work.

2. We had wine every night. Our thought was we would work the 200 calories of wine into our 1200 –1400 calories per day. Unfortunately, after 200 calories of wine, it became much easier to consume the remaining brie, soproseta salami, sweet baguette, and wine we bought when we had our first visitors over (the visitors didn’t eat or drink any of it!).

3. We stopped counting calories. Our thought was we didn’t need to measure and look things up – we can estimate . . . .this is a picture of our first “homemade” dinner in the cottage. Looking back, we seriously underestimated the calorie count in those sandwiches (each sandwich is half a loaf of bread) and that bottle of wine (and that was a “lite” meal).

4. We stopped keeping track of our food in the food diary. Our thought was if you don’t write it down, it doesn’t count, right?

5. Our only exercise was walking the dog, walking up the hill after dinner, and waving a tire iron around. Not the same as running two miles, doing sit-ups, and lifting weights.

6. We (Tony) decided our scales (plural) are not accurate. After 35 years of dieting, watching a virgin dieter is very enlightening. His thought is that store bought scales are worthless and the only way to know how much we really weigh is to weigh ourselves naked at the doctor’s office. I don’t think that is going to work.

So, we’re not sure exactly how much damage we did because the Tahoe scale is on the floor of the truck, but based on the last time we weighed, we are going to go to Plan C.

Plan C – Start Plan B over.