I had some time on my hands today, so I “updated” this hutch we bought in Walnut Creek 23 years ago. We moved away from Walnut Creek 20 years ago, and since then, this piece of furniture has spent most of its time in a garage or basement. It’s going to live in our new dining nook at the cottage and act as my desk and a place to keep the dishes (I’m so glad I didn’t give it to Goodwill).

Here is a link to my friend Annie’s blog for those of you wondering what it would be like to move to Europe for a couple of years (she is a very entertaining writer):

Here is a link to another blog for those of you who enjoy everything French: I just won a French Market Basket from this site which will look really nice under my new desk (filled with lots of goodies from the local farmer’s market).

And here is some weight loss advice from a friend who wishes to remain anonymous: “Try a website called You can record your food and exercise here. I set my site up to my goal weight, and it tells me how many calories to eat and when I’ll be at my goal weight. It’s free. I measure everything—I find that even if I miss one meal measuring, I am off w/the portion control. Google “The Portion Plate Diet,” that’s what I use.”

As for our diet progress: Plan B is going fairly well – I lost the weight I regained (story of my life) during our Mexican food binge, and Tony has lost another pound.