Goblet Squat

I solved the dilemma of what to wear to Crossfit. I visited their Web site and read about the workout:

“This is a partner workout for 400 meters.
One partner will pull a sled facing forwards while his/her partner farmer carries kettle bells. The team must stay together.
Once partners make it to the 100 meter mark, they perform 20 kb swings. Then they switch sled pull and farmers carry and continue to 200 meter mark (the sled must pass the 200 meter mark) where they perform another 20 kb swings.
Then partners switch sled pull/farmers carry again and head back to the gym. On the way back you pull the sled backwards.
At the 100 meter mark you stop and perform 20 goblet squats and switch sled pull/farmers carry. Once back to gym perform final set of goblet squats.”

Hmmm? What to wear to pull a sled and 70 lbs.of kettle bells? Will Tony be on the sled?

This morning, as I struggled to lift my coffee mug (ouch), I decided Crossfit might be a little too challenging for me right now. Plus, even though I have no idea what a kettle bell or a “goblet squat” is (sounds like something Harry Potter would do to warm up for a Quidditch match), I’m pretty sure pants with the ripped inseams would not be appropriate attire for goblet squatting.

I think we are going to go on a bike ride up Meyer’s Grade instead – we’ll think of it as a sled pull with wheels, and we will be sure to swing our water bottles every time we stop (at least 20 times).

Meanwhile, I’m having a lot of fun with the can of ebony stain I bought to update the hutch. Yesterday, I “repurposed” this broken kitchen table chair I found in Ralphie’s room. It’s going to be a stool for my new desk – I think I’m going to call it the Goblet Squat chair.