The “new” coffee table. I wish I could revamp my body as easily as I can a piece of well worn furniture. What makes painting furniture so easy, and the end result interesting are the flaws in the original piece (Ralphie was very forthcoming about what happened to this piece of furniture – you don’t want to know); I guess there is a lesson to be learned there (about flaws, not parenting).

As for our diet (in case anyone is wondering why our “Biggest Loser” project has become “Design on a Dime”)  we are starting Plan D (tomorrow) which is re-starting Plan B (again). . . every time we go to Sausalito we gain five pounds, we lose it during the week when we return to Tahoe (we really will miss the community track), then we go back to Sausalito . . . . For now, I’m just going to be happy with this very flawed plan which at least is keeping the pounds off in spite of a lot of dining out, and once we are settled . . . we’ll have to figure out Plan E.