Kelly visited our Sausalito place for the first time yesterday.

Her reaction: “I want to be 50!”

Hmm, I will be 80 and Tony will be 86 when she is 50.

We’ll have to ask her then, “How do like being 50, do you wish you were 90? By the way, we are moving in.” I didn’t have the heart to tell her about the U-Bend of Life which Kip is learning about first hand at the moment.

Today would have been my first day of school if I had returned to my teaching job in Tahoe. I love teaching, and there are a lot of things I am going to miss about it, but I enjoyed my day today. It’s hard to imagine not having a job or some place I have to be or people to take care of; so far it’s . . . blissful. Tony and I were a little weepy, but not really – we are getting calls every few hours asking for stuff so we’re still feeling “needed” (so far we haven’t fixed anything).

Yesterday, I found myself job searching and today (back in Tahoe for a night) I was eyeing my portfolio and considering packing it just in case I decide to look for a job. I’m forcing myself not to take it; I just keep thinking if I don’t fill this space, it will fill with something much more meaningful.