Parents, I urge you to keep a journal! This morning I was reading an old journal of mine, looking for something specific, and I came across several entries which I’m sure I will be sharing at some point. Here is a sample:

November 16, 1997  – Kip is 8

Tony got up early this morning and went grocery shopping at 9:30 a.m. because he wanted to get home by noon so I could go to a 12:30 p.m. Step class. Such a nice husband. He took Kip along with him and I enjoyed the Sunday paper and a cup of coffee in household bliss. Around 11:00 a.m., I heard the stairs creaking loudly and a door slamming. Kip was in his room and Tony was bagless. “Where are the groceries?” I asked. “In the basket on aisle 9 at the Marina Safeway,” Tony replied exasperated.

“Four hours, Kip!” he called to the closed bedroom door (2011 note to new parents – one of our biggest disciplining mistakes with Kip was going overboard with the punishments – really that should have been a 30 minute timeout). Tony muttered something about orange soda, chocolate cereal, and Kip hating him as he walked out the front door hoping to get back to the store before his basket was reshelved.

I’m glad that Tony didn’t give in on the junk food. Is this unusual or is this just what parenting is about? I talked calmly with Kip, informing him that I understood how he felt, that I too, was often angry as a child when I couldn’t get what I wanted, and that when he graduated from college,  he could get a job and buy whatever kind of soda and cereal he wants.

2011 – Kip, the college graduate, is a Vegan.