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Four years ago if someone had said to me in September of 2011 you will spend $200 for tickets (in addition to season tickets for the Bears games at ATT which came along with a mandatory “donation”) to see the Cal Bears play the Fresno State Bulldogs at Candlestick Park, I would have laughed out loud (ha,ha,ha); football after all is the “opiate of the masses.” Marx said this about religion – Freud said this about sports (my interpretation) in his book Civilization and Its Discontents.

Six teenagers from Palo Alto (Stanford fans wearing Cal Sucks t-shirts) were in the row behind us. Behind them, at least 100 empty rows and thousands of empty seats (feeling a little ripped off). There were two rows between us and the field which filled with six more people once they figured out they could sit anywhere: two Cal students, three Fresno State fans (the guys not holding the Cal sign), and the guy with the Cal sign.

Our 12 seat mates came from all walks of life, and then there was us, the old people formerly of Lake Tahoe and now from Marin, which just goes to show that Freud was right; this is one of the things I pondered while enjoying the celebratory dance the guy in the photo (second from the right) did when Cal fumbled in the endzone (can’t believe I know those words although I don’t know if endzone is one or two words and if it should be capitalized since it is the name of a place).

Across the stadium from our masses of empty seats (apparently Freud was wrong about Cal fans), the entire city of Fresno. I think we know what this means about Fresno; just not sure what it means about Peter and me. I’m a reality TV fan as well and I’m a bit fuzzy on the Marx/Freud thing so I’m pretty sure this means I’m just one of the crowd content to watch a ball go up and down a field. Nonetheless, I love college football.

Cal won! High fives for the Cal fans! “Y’all have a safe drive home,” the dancing Fresno fan urged as he gave me a fist bump.

Go Bears!