wok pasta 001

You can tell I am not the cook in the family because I packed the pots and pans. Didn’t pack the one “we” use all the time; the sauce pan. Of course, Kip has a brand new set of pans – yes, they are from K-mart and cost $24.95 for a 15 piece set (I was really proud of that find), but at least he has a complete set including lids. I didn’t pack lids.

So we used the wok for spaghetti sauce and it worked just fine. Double/triple duty is the key to small space living; our “guest room” is located in the trunk we are using for a coffee table (two sleeping bags and two towels).

I’m realizing another must for small space living is being smaller. There is a bottleneck in the bedroom/office; every time I have to use the bathroom (which is frequently now that I’m not on the Atkins diet), Tony has to get out of his chair so I can get by. Cassidy likes to lie there, too, so it is a big production of shifting bodies every time I enter the room.

The solution: a smaller butt or I could just roll over the bed. Hmm? I’m imagining the blog photo in October; it will either be of my downsized derriere or of my new acrobatic skills.