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June 15, 1998

Our last day in Disneyland was really fun. Okay, we got up at 5:00 a.m. and I had major PMS so it wasn’t REALLY fun, but it was pretty fun. I gave each of the kids 90 minutes to be “King or Queen of the Family.” During their reign, they made all of the decisions about everything. Punishment for not obeying the king or queen; no TV for one week. This worked like a charm.

Kip chose Big Thunder Mountain Railway, Autopia, and the Haunted House. Kelly chose the Tiki Room (I had to threaten Kip with the no TV rule before, during, and after the show), It’s a Small World, and Aladdin’s Story Time Theater (she got to play the part of Javar). Ralphie chose to walk around Toon Town.

“I don’t wanna go on a boat ride, I don’t wanna go on the trolley, I JUST WANT TO DO A WALKING THING AND I ONLY WANNA DO IT IN TOON TOWN!” Forty-five minutes later: “Hey mom, this is the way outta Toon Town, are you tryin’ to walk us outta Toon Town?”

Ralphie is afraid of every ride in Disneyland; Disneyland gives him a stomachache (2011 note – that’s Ralphie in the photo – now who has the stomachache). Thankfully, his bellyache did not manifest itself in solid form. Kelly, however, did manage to wet her pants at the Tomorrow Land fountain, but she was in her bathing suit which made for easy cleanup. Personally, I prefer the socially less acceptable wet pants over air sickness, car sickness, or any other kind of sickness that involves chunks that I have to clean up (2011 note –  Ralphie found more vomit yesterday, this time in the sink – apparently his roommate has a stomachache – be careful what you wish for – living in a studio alone is half the price of the dorm; I told Ralphie he could move – in my best let me fix this for you worrywart voice – not sure how Kip will react to that – I already explained to Kelly that the youngest child is always King of the Family).

Back to 1998 . . .

On a different note: If I had known I was going to be wearing my maternity clothes for 57 and a half months, I would have spent a lot more time shopping and definitely would have purchased much nicer clothes (2011 note – make that 18 and a half years).