fort baker 046

Don’t let this post title mislead you; it’s not about work. Tony and I have been working really hard, well not REALLY hard because today I got up at 9:09 which is four hours later than the alarm clock went off when I was working REALLY hard (I was, however, dreaming about my former job – in my dream I was letting the kids do whatever they wanted, hmmm?).  I guess, technically I’m not working right now, but as soon as I finish this very short post, I’m going to get to work (I’m working on a couple of Web sites).

Which brings me to my topic: procrastination and dieting. Tony has exactly one month to lose ten more pounds (at least he kept the first ten off, I’ve gained back five). We’ve been very good about jogging everyday (photo of our new “track”). Well, Tony jogs, I walk the dog because we can’t leave him at home.

Or can we? I seem to be able to justify every wrong move we make when it comes to dieting, and I have pulled Tony along with me down this all too familiar path of making excuses for overindulging:

Monday –  “It’s Monday.”
Tuesday –  “It’s such a nice night out, let’s eat by the water . . . after all how often is it this warm in the evening in Sausalito?”
Wednesday –  “It’s such a nice night out – we should go there again – we need to be locals somewhere – I promise we’ll eat at home tomorrow night.”
Thursday – “I never knew there were so many restaurants on this side of the street. I’m hungry.”

Tony: “Monday thru Thursday; the new weekend.”

Friday – “We can be locals at more than one place – it’s the weekend!”