101 020

Friday evening, as we were searching for a pet friendly hotel along Highway 101,Tony made several calls.  Unfortunately, if a hotel did take pets, it was full. With each passing mile and unsuccessful call, my focus shifted from Mr. _ _ _ _  ‘s commentary (during that particular part of the drive, I was replaying his policy on the responsibilities of RAs; he shared how when he was an RA, he told the students that if they choose to break the rules that was fine, but to not put him in the position of jeopardizing his job – great rule enforcement policy) . . . to contemplating what sleeping in the car would be like with Cassidy.

When we finally found a place to stay, the desk clerk told Tony we were lucky they had a couple of cancelations in the “pet friendly” rooms.

Tony asked, “Why are the pet friendly rooms so full?”

The clerk replied, “There is a Young Explorer’s Police event in town and a horse show in the area.

Tony: “So are there are a lot of horses staying at the hotel?”