Weight Loss: Tony has been so good; determined to lose the 10 lbs., he ate healthy food and did not have a sip of wine the entire week we were in Santa Barbara (I ate cinnamon rolls and happily consumed his share of the wine).

This morning after weighing himself he sounded a lot like most 50 year old women (plus or minus 50 years): “I just weighed myself in my underwear and I only lost ONE pound!”
Me: How can that be?
Tony: I have really heavy underwear???

Football: Bears lost, ASU won, UCLA won, Lions won (former Cal player Javed Best plays for Detroit  – somehow this is important to me and oddly enough Detroit has become my team; I think it is because of an article I read about Javed when he was a junior – he had a running routine I admired; he has the sort of drive I find inspiring), 49ers won, Raiders won, and I’m watching Pittsburg now . . . Plus I used the words, “They will probably decline the penalty” today. Football is so relaxing.

Bed, Bath, and Beyond: They are hiring, and I think we know why.