sausalito sunset 003

The fact that I changed my profile picture on Facebook is a good indication that things are finally settling down. I had the old picture for at least a year. Things are so settled these days, I may find time to change my earrings – I haven’t done that since I gave up my peace sign earrings in 2006 (I’ve had hearts on for five years – earlobe tattoos make sense to me – I’d probably get bleeding hearts).

So now that I am in the denial stage of the loss of our $7108.20 (I’m doing the five stages out of order: Bargaining, Anger, Denial, Depression, Acceptance instead of DABDA; I have been weaning myself off of the “menopause” medicine which is probably not good timing considering the next stage – maybe I’ll just go back to anger), I have some time on my hands and as a recovering workaholic that is sometimes hard to deal with, hence, I am in the process of reformatting this blog – its future home will be Diary of a Wimpy Mom. I’m changing all names – we are the Bakers now.

Once I finish moving Passing Through to Wimpy I might get a manicure or a haircut or put some lotion on (I’m truly in awe of people who have more than one hair care or skin care product . . . or pair of earrings)  . . . so much to look forward to.