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In keeping with my newfound rediscovery of passion (taking in enormous gulps of life with each breath; stepping out of the observing, grateful mode; offering up a piece of one’s self, not shrinking; connecting. . . .), I have been making an effort each day to step outside of my “comfort zone” aka saying “Hello” . . . taking the earphones out . . . trying something new . . . making friends . . . looking up (not bungee jumping, river rafting, scuba diving, rock climbing, parking in a green zone . . . .).

So, this evening as we set off for our daily jog, I suggested to Tony that we take a right turn instead of a left.

Tony: It’s foggy up there, do you think we will see anything?

Me: So what if we don’t, it’s two minutes out of our lives . . . .

Look what we found (click on photo).

Note: If you don’t have two minutes or your volume on, it’s probably not worth the right turn.


On a different note:

Tony says to me later as we are going out to dinner, “I’m supporting Cal this week; I’m only going to wear Cal apparel all week.”

No, this is not “Occupy Tony,” but pretty dang funny for anyone who has been reading this blog since June.