imageThis morning I learned that I had received The Versatile Blogger award. This award is a fun way to show appreciation to the folks who take a little (probably not an accurate description) time out of their day to share a snippet (again, not accurate) of their daily lives with whoever is willing to read about it. Like most people, I started blogging about a vacation (Thailand with our newly graduated children), quickly discovered that writing was the key to enjoying traveling with my newly graduated children (that, and umbrella drinks), and now five months and 107 posts later, I’m hooked.

The way the award works is as follows:

1. Show appreciation to the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to his or her blog.

2. Pay it forward to 15 bloggers whose writing, artwork, comics, story telling, life experiences, hardships, recipes, advice, skills . . . . one has found useful, inspirational, entertaining (that is my interpretation of rule # 2, the actual rule is: nominate 15 blogs one likes) . . . .

3. Include seven quirky, little known facts about one’s self.

I have 22 minutes until out of town guests arrive for the weekend, and I’m not going to have the patience to wait until Sunday night to do this (I’m completely unable to delay gratification – consider that fact #1), so here goes:

Thank you Kana Tyler for nominating me. Kana’s blog is Kana’s Notebook. I have not come up with the words to describe Kana’s blog yet. In my Links I Like section I describe it as “insightful, witty, and unique,” but three not very original adjectives do not do her blog justice, so I suggest you pay it a visit and explore a bit.

I have become attached to the following 15 blogs for reasons that I plan to write about in depth in my YRU Saying This section eventually, however, at the moment I only have 19 minutes before my guests’ scheduled arrival (and 10% battery and I still have to create links and think of seven quirky, little known facts about me) so suffice it to say there are several reasons I have selected each of these blogs for the award, but I’ll tell you later:

1. Snoring Dog Studios

2. Memoirs of an Evil Stepmom

3. AnnieAgain

4. I Am A Liver

5. Psychodynamom

6. Simply Bekah

7. You’ve Been Hooked

8. I’ve Become My Parents

9. Belle of the Carnival

10. Mommas Money Matters

11. Mostly Bright Ideas

12. A Doctor in Eastern DRC

13. Conjuring My Muse

14. Secrets and Memories of a French Hostess

15. The Undercover Surfer

Seven quirky, little know facts:

1. I have 22  3 minutes until our out of town guests arrive for the weekend, and I’m not going to have the patience to wait until Sunday night to do this (I’m completely unable to delay gratification – consider that fact #1).

2. I am compelled to always do the right thing.

3. I am always shocked when I look in the mirror because I look nothing like who I am. The other day I was reporting a possible crime to a highway patrol officer – Tony mocked me (in a nice way) afterwards: Here comes Julie again, reporting another “crime” (he made the little quotation mark fingers in the air ) – when I got home and looked in the mirror, I thought gosh that officer must have thought I was crazy, I look like I crawled out from under a bridge  (we had been jogging and I hadn’t combed my hair). This quirk is not just when I am looking grungy; the inside and the outside are a complete mismatch.

4. My mother is a librarian, so we didn’t have a TV growing up, hence, I enjoy The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, Survivor, and The Amazing Race, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

5. I’m horrible at small talk and never know what to say at a party (I also blame this on not having a TV – I also blame not being able to do anything with moderation on not having a TV).

6. I love reading non-fiction; not fond of novels, but enjoyed Pillars of the Earth (Pillars took me several months whereas anything on dieting takes less than an hour).

7. I have had an enormous amount of dumb luck in my life. guests 003

Did that seemed rushed?

Thank you Kana!