imageRia just passed a Versatile Blogger award my way, and I ‘m glad she did because ever since she posted this recipe I have found myself wandering around the grocery store in search of something . . . something . . . something I couldn’t find. I have been leaving the store, day after day, wanting. Finally, I said to my husband, “I want something more than creamy, rich cheese and Pinot Noir and salted peanuts in the shell . . . . No, it’s not eggnog!  .  . .  it’s a recipe I read on a blog.” Yay!

Thank you Ria – I love your comments, and I can’t believe you are only 23 or 24!

So, I’m not going to tell you seven things about myself, only one.

1) I just discovered this week something I never knew about myself – I love videos about dogs doing human things!

As for 15 more blogs to share – I am putting together a site of all of my favorite blogs (there are a lot more than 15 which is why it is taking me so long), but until then here are 15 more blogs I like:

Today, while at physical therapy, I thought about this blogger and all of the young moms whose blogs I have been reading. The  PT employees forgot about me and left me in a room with a heating pad and shoulder massage thingy for at least 30 minutes.  I would have killed for that when all three of my kids were under five (to be forgotten in a room in a horizontal position without my children). Today, I just felt like I should let someone know I was there.