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I guess I need to write something on my own blog because my thoughts are spilling overflowing on to other bloggers’ posts. I’ve been reading, reading, reading. It seems like whenever I finish reading all of the blogs I enjoy (and commenting, commenting, commenting), another batch of posts appears in my inbox. If you guys could stop writing for one day, I could finish my bookshelf (and go jogging and clean the bathroom and send David and Lelu a thank you note for Thanksgiving)!

After reading all of your blogs, there is so much I want to write about – some topics . . . .

The RV Trip of Boredom aka the Dumbest Thing I ever Did  – This is the actual name  of the video montage I made of our 9000 mile trip around the USA – the first photo in the montage is of our third tornado, the second photo is of three miserable teenagers in front of Mt. Rushmore – definitely not worth that third tornado, the third is of a kid on a bicycle I almost killed, the fourth of a giant (throne like) chair bouncing down the freeway at us, and after that a whole lot of road photos – DON’T DO IT!
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Actually, Kelly is smiling in this photo – so only two miserable kids. I clearly remember Ralphie saying to Kip after Kip teased him about puberty, “I’m never, ever going to speak to you again. Shake on it.”

How to Ease One’s Children into Poverty – Speaking from experience, it’s much easier to move out of the house when one’s family is at the lower end of the income spectrum. Ralphie seems to think that it’s “natural” to have the privileges he has as a middle class sort. Sorry Ralphie. Money doesn’t just happen; it’s not natural. Nobody is entitled to anything.

xmas 024Cheap Christmas – How to Pay Three Rents, One Mortgage, and Two College Tuitions and Still Decorate the Tree Without Using a Credit Card – There was a time that I believed that life was too short to not be in credit card debt, then I found out, life is long. My husband and I have sworn off credit cards which means our two foot tree is decorated with popcorn, cranberries, and $1.99 ribbon from CVS, and it is beautiful!

I Want to Go to Paris, Amsterdam, Geneva, and Singapore in 2012 – I love to travel, hence, the credit card debt problem. I’m not saying it’s natural or that I am entitled to travel, but I love exploring the world. Most of my shower time for the past few weeks has 103-0324_IMGbeen spent thinking (I would do this outside of the shower, but I am too busy reading blogs) about what I can give up so we can save money and go on a trip without using the credit cards. So far this has only resulted in me being angry about having to give up Pinot Noir, creamy cheese, and peanuts in the shell while my college kids are still drinking red sticky stuff and going to concerts (not Kelly – she’s studying).

If Only There Were Blogs When I Was A Young Mom – Do I need to explain this? Young motherhood is so isolating – I envy mothers today who are connected to other real moms – not the folks who write for Perfect Parenting or Mythical Babies. The hard part as an old mom blogger is being careful not to be too real in one’s old mom comments. One of my favorite bloggers recently wrote jokingly about her toddler, “Eventually when she is a teenager she won’t need a bottle.” I wanted to say, “Only if she doesn’t drop band.”

Do I Want to be Fat and Dizzy or Sweaty, Skinny (lol), and Bitchy? – Quitting the menopause pill has cured the dizziness issue, but obviously judging from the potential list of posts above, the bitchiness has kicked back in. Plus, I’m waking up drenched every morning.

I asked a 91 year old woman we brought dinner to the other night (she is also easing into poverty) which she would prefer; fat and dizzy or skinny bitch? I knew what her answer would be because when I sat on her couch she pointed out I was sitting in the spot where “the fat one” sits (and that is why it sunk so low when I sat down). She was talking about one of her government subsidized helpers at the government subsidized assisted living home she lives in (this woman did not speak to me in the mid-Nineties for three years because I was pro-social programs for the poor – she’s poor now – I’m blaming the lack of MP on that comment). Fortunately for her, Tony and I feel all old people (even the ones who have been mean to me) should be cared for (I think that’s natural) because they cannot care for themselves (btw this woman was wealthy for most of her life; she outlived her money which sadly is more  common than people realize).

We brought over lamb chops, potatoes, and vegies. She was so happy! Tony prepared it in her tiny kitchen (toaster oven tiny) and I was glad I had the steroid shot in my shoulder because I spent a good part of the evening waving a tea towel in front of the smoke alarm. Her microwave is broken, so I told her she could have ours, her TV only gets one channel so I promised to bring her one of ours from the storage house, her freezer is broken, too, but I don’t have an extra refrigerator lying around.

pepperShe eyed the  pepper grinder we brought along and said, “Oh, that’s what I wish I had!” Tony looked at me and mouthed, “Not the grinder; it’s my favorite pepper grinder!” I gave her the grinder. She’s 91. I promised her we would take her to the city and drive her around her old neighborhood in January. The last thing she said as we walked down the corridor outside of her apartment, “Don’t forget to come back and take me for a drive.”

Her answer was, “Skinny bitch.”

imageWhat the Heck is Wrong With People? – A one year old child was caught in the crossfire of a shooting in Oakland. The story has been all over our news for several days. The child was on life support for 11 days. The family finally took him off of life support yesterday (after getting a second opinion; that is what hit me – I’ve had to call in the second doctor – hope).

Imagine their agony!

Instantly, hundreds of people commented on the Huffington Post news report. 99% of the comments were angry rants and put downs blaming the father. I don’t know if it was the dad’s fault, or if he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. A lot of the comments are speculation and are building on previous comments based on speculation – like an evil game of telephone. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter. This man lost his precious one year old boy who he clearly loved in spite of whatever poor choices he may have made. Have a heart – send some love, not hatred.

I might have to go with fat and dizzy.