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Most people have better things to do than sit around and read blogs all day. Not me. Every time the inbox ring tone goes off (I wish I could import the sound here), I’m on it,  like Lucille Ball in the chocolate factory (just like that – if only blogs were edible). It’s a lot of work, but you are worth it!

In the spirit of Christmas giving, I will be posting links to the funniest holiday blogs I read each day starting today (they must be shared).

Disclaimer: I am off the menopause pill.


imageSanta Claus is Kind of  an Asshole by Mommy Rotten posted on Momma be Thy Name



imageWal-Mart, The Christmas Musical by Peg-O-Leg

This isn’t really Christmassy, but it goes with my mood especially after shopping for clothes with Tony today. I didn’t buy anything and just made a mental note of what to apply to my Amsterdam, Paris, Geneva, Singapore fund.
Spanx, You Duplicitous Whore by Mommy Said a Swear Word



imageThere is a surprising lack of funny holiday blogs out there on the WWW this morning. Is everyone on the MP except me? It was beginning to feel a lot like Christmas until “bum-bum,”  Naughty for Life by Childhood Relived popped into my inbox.

I hope someone went to a Christmas party this weekend because there is a severe lack of sarcasm in the blogosphere right now. Thank goodness someone in Childhood Relived’s family had the foresight to take pictures of Bad Gifts – Things With Sayings .