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imageThe author of The Heartbreak of Invention passed along a Liebster and a Versatile Blogging Award to me. Aside from being a very kind person (with a lovely singing voice), she is a very talented writer. I have read all of her posts (I’ve only done that with two other bloggers) because I found her writing and her story mesmerizing. I recommend starting her blog from the beginning.

Another HoI reader writes, “Her narratives are not only superbly written, heartfelt, and passionate, but they also reveal the character of her personal humanity, which is loving and generous and compassionate. Anyone who is NOT affected by her writing is simply not paying attention” (dang, I wish I had written that!).

The other two blogs that I have read in their entirety are I Am A Liver and Snoring Dog Studios, and I have come close to reading most of Mostly Bright Ideas because I purchased his excellent book of blog posts.

One of the reasons I have put off responding to Heartbreak of Invention’s recognition (she sent the Liebster  a while back) is that it’s so hard to select who to pass it along to; the choices expand exponentially each day. Just today, I visited all of The Heartbreak of Invention’s selections and I was blown away. There are a lot of super cool people in the world!

I know that was my thinking behind creating YRU Saying This? I wanted to acknowledge all of the authors, artists, young moms, old moms,  sleepless moms, mommies saying swear words, daddies saying swear words  (in fact, insert dads everywhere you see moms), angry middle age women, angry hotel employees, angry guys who have great vocabularies and interesting things to say, happy middle-aged woman in empty nests who no longer suffer from night-sweats, dizziness, or an inability to keep their mouths shut while their mate is driving, college students , step-mothers, non-step-mothers,  individuals sharing their heartbreak, sharing their battles with cancer, sharing their loneliness, their joy, their really bad hair in the eighties, their family travels, their best recipes, their hints on how to eradicate rodents from one’s automobile’s air filter, their happy memories, their not so happy memories, their memories of things they did when they were young and foolish and from a worrywart’s perspective dumb and lucky (some of the young ones are currently making those dangerous memories and they should really just stop it), and their friendship. I wanted a place to honor each of these people.

It is taking me forever, so until then please visit the links within each of the Versatile Blogger Awards on my home page. I’ll be adding the 20 (five for Liebster and 15 for Versatile)  links below to two more icons on that page.  Please visit my future YRU Saying this site. It is  1/64 th of the way completed – you’ll need a back button to get back here – The Time Machine comes to mind – it may be centuries before it is completed (although I think H.G. Wells would be proud of us).


One Two Three Four  Five  things about me (instead of seven):

1. I am married to one of the best human beings on the planet. I do not know how I got so lucky. As challenging as my relationship was with my mother-in-law before she died, she raised a great person; the best person. Tony is talking to the 91 year old friend  (the woman with his pepper grinder and our microwave) about groceries as I write; he is reassuring her. I hope I know someone like my husband when I am 91.  I understand now why my husband’s mother was so adamant about guarding his heart.

2. I worry about being 91.

3. I am savoring this feeling of acceptance, but just to let you know the first time I wrote the word acceptance (two days ago), I spelled it exceptance . . . I include that because:

4. My husband said to me about something unrelated on my blog, “Maybe it is over your readers’ heads.” Me, knowing that I had misspelled acceptance among other things, responded, “No, honey. I am way below the readers’ heads.” As much as that sounds like a lack of self-esteem, it is the truth about you.

5. Pet peeve:  “And you are the only one working (directed at husband) because you are home with the kids (directed at mom).” December 20, 2011, 8:36 p.m. – Househunters HGTV. I hope I misunderstood what was said. Otherwise Occupy HGTV?

Awards :-)