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A Skimmer, a Collector, and a Salesman Walk Into a Blog.

The skimmer orders a beer, circulates around the room, and makes awkward, irrelevant comments.

Blogger 1: So that’s when I realized I lost the baby.

Blogger 2: What a huge loss!

Skimmer: Congratulations! Kids are so much fun, and great job on losing the weight!

The Collector pokes her head in, gives everyone a collective wave and a thumbs up, and leaves before people start asking questions.
Blogger 1: “Hey, thanks for the thumbs up. How ya doin’?”

Collector: “Follow me.” Slips out the door; it’s a big universe and she has thousands of blog doors to open and close.

Blogger 2: “Gosh she’ s a busy blogger, what’s her story?”

Blogger 1: “I don’t know, I thought you knew her.”

The salesmen mingles with the crowd, casually checking out tags.

Blogger 1: “It’s hot in here.” (Pulls sweater off over her head)

“Uh-oh!” (Blogger’s arms are tangled up over her head and she is stuck there; half naked in her unattractive middle-aged bra with the tag of her sweater taunting her as it dangles just above the bridge of her nose – sadly, a true story )

Salesman: Checks tag, which says “humor.” 

Blogger 1: Can you give me a hand please?

Salesman: Plops down a card for Genie Bra blog.

Blogger 1 struggles to get unstuck and starts sweating profusely as eyebrows begin to lift in her direction.

Bartender: “Hey lady, put your shirt on! We have a restroom for that hot flash business!”