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Tony looked at me and mouthed, “Not the grinder; it’s my favorite pepper grinder!” I gave her the grinder. She’s 91.

Those of you who have been following this blog may remember the above line from the Fat and Dizzy, or Sweaty, Skinny Bitch? post. Tony and I had prepared dinner for an elderly friend at her apartment in an assisted living complex. She has outlived her money (I can’t think of a nicer way to say this) and doesn’t have any money for the luxuries in life like a microwave oven or a pepper grinder or food, so I gave her our microwave, and apparently Tony’s favorite pepper grinder.

I have had a few epiphanies since that post: I have learned that a microwave oven is a very handy tool, a cortisone shot will bring a dead arm back to life, menopause pills do cause dizziness and don’t cause fat,  and the lack of feminine care products in my medicine cabinet is well worth an occasional public steam bath.

I have also learned that one should never give Tony’s spices away. For several weeks,  the moment I gave away his prized pepper grinder haunted me. It replayed in my mind in slow motion. Tony’s twisted up mouth, his voice straining to be heard, “Nooooo, not the pepppperrrr grinnnnderrrr . . . .” I felt guilty every time I watched him shake pepper from the McCormick tin.

On Christmas Eve Tony’s pepper grinder prayers were answered. My brother’s family, the Ironmans, joined us for pizza (our Christmas Eve tradition). The picture below is of my brother; doesn’t he look like a guy who could answer a prayer or at least have a good idea?

The Ironmans gave Tony a new pepper grinder!
(photo and quip idea taken without permission from my brother’s Facebook page – photo taken by Mrs. Ironman)


Tony has had a little too much fun with “Pepper.”

Below is the closest Tony will come to a guest post:

Pepper watching the game with his buddies (photo by Tony)
pepper love 2

Peppers ex-girlfriend (photo by Tony)
pepper love

Pepper is the new Bachelor (photo by Tony)
pepper love 001

The Bachelorettes say good-bye to Rosemary who didn’t get a rose (photo by me – this is what happens when you are married to someone who has a favorite pepper grinder; this and fat).

pepper love 007

Thank you Ironman family for Pepper. We love him as much as Crushed Rosemary.

On a different note. I need some advice. Tony and I are going to be traveling for the next five days. Does anyone have any tips for eating well (light and healthy) and sticking to one’s diet on the road?