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Ever since Ralphie uttered “I hate to tell you this Mom, but . . .” , I have had a case of the “tomorrows.”

Last home cooked meal before I let tomorrow slip through my lips.

“Starting tomorrow we will eat at home.”

So on Monday we ate at Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant . . .
on Tuesday Scuza’s Italian Food . . .
Wednesday Arawan Thai Cuisine . . .
Thursday El Toreador . . .
Friday Bocce Pizza . . .
Saturday PF Chang’s . . .

“Okay, starting next week we will eat at home . . . .”

grad day 1 may 2012 097
Sunset over the Marin Headlands after another dinner out in the city.

One week later (the next day) Sunday: Meza Luna Italian . . .
Monday: Off the Hook Sushi . . .
Tuesday: Arawan again . . .
Wednesday: Saylor’s Mexican food . . .
Thursday: Moss Beach Distillery . . .
Friday: Spinnaker’s Seafood . . .

Graduation 2 2012 101
Sunset from table at Moss Beach Distillery.

Not only did all of those “tomorrows” create a need for significant belt loosening to make room for thousands of carelessly consumed and unburned calories, they also resulted in serious pocket emptying and spending beyond our means. Basically, in two weeks we obliviously procrastinated away our tickets to Paris.
Tomorrow I won’t be going to Paris.

What it cost:

Eating Paris: Shamefully lavish (I don’t know for certain, but I’m pretty sure I could have fed a village in Africa for a year with what I absentmindedly devoured in restaurants during the last 14 days).

Instant gratification in lieu of getting what I want tomorrow: Absurdly indulgent (sacrificing a healthy body, living a life that matters, a credit card balance that won’t land me on the street in my old age . . . AND a trip to Paris . . . or two).

Using today wisely: Priceless

Sunrise today – priceless, free, and irreplaceable.

Starting today.

Weight Watcher’s chicken piccata recipe – only 5 points!

Today is the new tomorrow.

Tri Training Chart May

Are you squandering your tomorrows away?

Are you eating Paris? Or are you frittering your dreams away in Costco (c’mon you know a box of 75 frozen crab pot stickers and a VIZIO 32″ Class 3D 1080p LCD HDTV were not on your list)?  Or maybe you are trading in tomorrow for another pair of cute shoes (you’ll need a pedicure with that AND someday, much sooner than you realize, foot surgery)?
Graduation 2 2012 067
Tomorrow always comes sooner than one thinks.

What are you doing today, to live the life you planned for tomorrow?