To lose 20 pounds by May 31, 2013. Sorry, making the world a better place is on hold until I can get up off the floor without groaning. Tony and I were seriously considering joining the Peace Corps (FYI – if you apply to the Peace Corps now, you can be doing good things in 2014!) until we visited Kip and realized we are not physically capable of doing what he is doing. Really Kip, we are not. I don’t know how you do it!

So, I have decided to make getting a healthy, fit body my mission for the next three months, THEN I am going to:

1. Jump out of a plane. Actually, I am not sure how committed I am to this anymore. Let’s make that,  go to live in Paris.

2. Figure out a way to use my tech skills to help children in developing countries get an education.  Please let me know if you have any ideas (number one on what I want to do with my life, but I can’t figure it out).


3. Use my fit, healthy body to make the world a better place (also open to suggestions).

Last year (after It’s April Damn It), I lost 25 pounds (give or take the nine I gained back last week). Twenty more will still have me at the high end of the chart for my height (higher than the high end, but I haven’t been within the weight range since I was actually starving).

I’m going to be posting a lot. Please do not feel like you must read my posts. I’m posting for me.

Why post, you may ask, if it’s just for me.

Because I need accountability. I need to say something out loud, to lots of people,

so I really do it.

Ya know, like how I said I was going to go skydiving!

My plan is to post things that motivate me or maybe a recipe or two (like this one on a blog I am doing for a friend – I love this recipe for Broccoli Slaw – I can eat it for breakfast and dessert and it’s full of veggies).

This clip is what motivated me today, it has nothing to do with dieting, but everything to do with how the choices we make at any given moment affect our lives forever.