I am reposting this in memory of Lindsey Miller, the author of I am a Liver, who passed away on May 21, 2014.

The Worrywart's Guide . . . .

There is a little blue circle that taunts me as I begin this discourse, as it spins (and spins and spins)  I think, “dang, I forgot what I (really) wanted to say.” This happens to me all of the time; talking with my husband, on the phone, with good friends over dinner, . . . so sometimes I think I am just not smart enough to do what I (really) want to do with my life.

Then, I read.

I am a Liver


Creating Reciprocity 

Even though I am annoyed that Windows Live Writer (which is the program I use to write my blog) is “not responding,” I am more than happy that the little blue circle (taking its sweet time while I forget every profound, earth shattering, life changing word I was going to write) reminds me each day of the possibilities of what one can…

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